Practice makes perfect!

No matter whether we are still at the beginning of our training or have been working in the field of microblading for several years, we can only achieve exceptional results if we constantly strive to improve.
Isn’t that the goal of all of us?

Practising prepares students or new artists for their first treatments and ensures that they enter the microblading world with confidence. Others who are already in this field can improve as well in order to take their work to a new level or even develop or practice new techniques.

With these products you have everything you need to make yourself outstanding and better than ever before!

PhiBrows Practice Ink

Use only Practice Ink to train on latex and save real pigment for your clients. This ink has the same quality and consistency as other pigments and provides therefore a familiar practice feeling.

Available in dark brown. NOT suitable for use on the skin!

Practising Latex Printed Shape and Outlines

This training latex has pre-drawn eyebrow shapes, enabling you to practice the arrangement of individual hairs of different spine techniques and shading.

This way you only concentrate on the strokes and don’t have to think about shape drawing!

Phi Practising Silicone

If you would like to focus more on shape drawing or an entire microblading process from scratch, then the Phi Practising Silicone is ideal for you!
It is a transparent and unprinted pad, with images of faces to place underneath, for a realistic practice experience from the first to the last step.

PhiBrows Master Blade U304 Stainless Steel

These blades are sharper and more precise than any others before. They can be used to achieve extremely fine and accurate strokes during a microblading treatment, whether on a client or for practice on the latex.

PhiBrows Master Blade 3R Round Blade

The Master Blade 3R Round Blade is specially designed for creating shades in microblading treatments. Achieve even more voluminous and dense results with manual shading!

PhiBrows Universal Holder

This universal holder is suitable for many different blades and is a pretty accessory as well. Made of stainless steel, this modern and ergonomically designed holder can be sterilized in an autoclave.

Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit

Everything you need to practice microblading and shading in one kit!
Starting with latex, practice ink, blades to cleaning wipes. With the Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit you will perfect your skills and learn new spines and techniques!