Everything you need for the treatment

Our PhiBrows tools make the difference, if you want highest quality and the perfect results during microblading treatment. Here you will find all the tools you need to create professional-looking brows. Whether that means during preparation, treatment or after treatment, we offer the highest quality work materials for every step. Your customers will love the results!


With our preparation tool box, you will go into your microblading session perfectly prepared.

BB Compass

The BB Compass offers highest precision and offers easy handling for the creation of a perfectly symmetrical shape. It’s a must-have for the first step in your professional micro-blading treatment.

Phi Marker Pen

This Marker Pen offers the possibility of making very fine micropoints with absolute precision. It has ben specifically designed to mark the skin with dots after the shape has already been painted on. The colour will remain even after the pigment has been wiped away. The Marker Pen is removed using PhiWipes.

PhiBrows Drawing Pencil Flat

With this contour pencil you can draw a perfect eyebrowshape before microblading treatment. It is a slightly harder pencil with a flat tip. The tip allows you to draw very fine and precise contours for the most accurate results. One package contains two pencils in brown colour.


PhiX is a metal tool with which you can sharpen the PhiBrows Drawing Pencil. With this helpful tool, you are able to create a very sharp pencil, which allows you to easily draw the eyebrow shape during microblading treatment. PhiX is excellent for beginners or assistants, as well as professionals.

Nano Numb

Phi Nano Numb is a topical anaesthetic numbing cream that helps quickly with pain relief during different cosmetic procedures. It also helps with pain and itching caused by minor burns, cuts and skin irritations, sunburns, scrapes and insect bites.


Our collection of items ensures you are set to provide the best quality microblading treatment.

PhiBrows SUPER Pigments

Our SUPER pigment range was developed over years and the result is an extremely clean and stable pigment. It has a pure formula, which is not recognised as a foreign body by human organisms. It remains true to colour even on oily skin! This formula sets completely new standards in Microblading and Permanent Make up and is available in 8 different colours.

Ink Cup

The Ink Cup is a ring holder, which is slipped over your finger. Thereby the pigment does not come into contact with other elements, which offers a higher standard of hygiene. It is an easy to use tool that makes the use of pigment during treatment easier.

Self-Adhesive Pigment Container

This is a pigment container, that can be stuck onto a glove. That way, the pigment is at your disposal throughout treatment. It features a cap for hygienic disposal after use.

PhiBrows Stroke Marker

Stroke Marker is a nano pigment designed to reveal and mark all of your hairs which are not visible after the first round of painting hairs during microblading. This is NOT a pigment which stays on the skin, it simply helps with visibility, especially with light pigments. Suitable for all skin types/hair colours.

PhiBrows Disposable Tool Blade & Shade

Phi Blade & Shade disposable tool is the ultimate necessity to create a flawless brow look. Create fine, precise and natural-looking strokes and a subtle shading effect with great efficiency.

PhiBlade Disposable Tool 18 U Ecc 0.18

This disposable tool is ideal for working to the highest standards of hygiene and precision while microblading. It comes with an U 18 blade, that has been created for highly detailed work, so you will be able to create stunning brows.


Our especially designed products will help you easily clean the eyebrows after treatment.

Phi Foam

Phi Foam is a universal skin cleanser that can be used pre- and post-treatment, for PMU, microblading, tattooing, microneedling, lashlifting, lash extension and other treatments that require skin to be oil-free and clean. This product has been specially designed to easily remove color from the skin after treatments.

Phi Wipes Block Tonic

These specially designed, multifunctional wipes soaked with Block Tonic were created to suit the needs of microblading and PMU artists. The basic function of this product is to stop bleeding to ensure better healing.

PhiApp Pro - Show microblading result before the treatment - More info
PhiApp Pro - Show microblading result before the treatment - More info