Shiny and healthy hair?

With the PhiHair Care Set, the hair is not only repaired from the outside, but is also deeply nourished! With this set, starting from a shampoo, to a conditioner and concluding a spray, you are perfectly prepared to give your hair a whole new structure and nourishment. No matter how damaged your hair is from colouring, straightening or blow-drying, start renewing your hair now!

PhiHair Moisture

PhiHair Moisture is a spray that specifically provides dry hair with shine and makes it appear healthy.

Various environmental influences such as UV rays, aggressive chemicals, chlorine or other irritants affect the health of the hair, that’s why the PhiHair Moisture formula forms a film protection over the hair to prevent the entry of harmful substances. It also locks in hair colour, prevents it from drying out and combats frizz.

PhiHair Balsam

PhiHair Balsam is a deeply nourishing conditioner which repairs hair damage and prevents hair breakage.

The conditioner provides hair with multiple moisture boosters without feeling heavy, it restores shine and smoothness by closing the outer hair layer. This formula strengthens the hair, not only from the outside but also from the inside.

PhiHair Shampoo

The PhiHair Shampoo is ideal for hair extensions to prevent damage to the natural hair and to care for and repair it after the hair extensions have been removed. It protects against dryness and provides deep moisture through a mixture of special nutrients.

The formula is very gentle, which is extremely important for hair extensions, and still provides extremely effective nourishing benefits. It ensures smooth combability of the hair, without tearing or breaking.