PhiLashes - Get to know our new products
PhiLashes - Get to know our new products

Practice & Precision

That’s what it’s all about to provide optimal results for your customers. We designed some new products, so you are well prepared to offer exactly that!

PhiEyeglasses Magnifier - Precise work has never been that easy

PhiEyeglasses Magnifier

Precise work: We know how important this is in the beauty industry.

Sometimes it is not so easy to carry out treatments where you have to see every single detail. It strains the eyes and makes us tired. The PhiEyeglasses Magnifier will change that from now on!

They ensure that even the smallest details are clearly visible. Adjust the glasses as it suits you – there are 5 different zoom lenses included!

PhiLashes Head & Eyes - Because practice makes perfect

PhiLashes Head & Eyes

Practice makes perfect! PhiLashes Head and Eyes is a practice head which was specially developed for practicing eyelash extensions.

With this product, you can practice as much as you like as the eyes including the eyelashes are exchangeable. The feeling while practicing is almost like you are working with real person due to the material and the shape.

PhiLashes Eyes - Getting better eye after eye

PhiLashes Eyes

The PhiLashes Eyes prepare you perfectly for working on a customer!
Well suited for beginners who want to gain their first experience, but also for advanced professionals who want to try out and practice new techniques.