PhiNesse Collection - Our products for a stunning everyday look
PhiNesse Collection - Our products for a stunning everyday look

From glamorous lips to perfectly shaped eyebrows, these are the products you need!

Now for all make-up artists: We have put together products that will be of particular interest to you. Starting with brushes, eyebrow pencils, lip pens up to eyelashes. PhiNesse gives you the best opportunity to create perfect looks.

PhiNesse Brushes - The tools for a flawless make-up look
PhiNesse Brushes - The tools for a flawless make-up look

Off to a good start!

Clear foundation is the key to a flawless make-up. With the right tools such as our brushes kit, blending sponge and powder puff, charming results are assured!

PhiNesse Brush Kit

PhiNesse Brush Kit

Brushes are obviously the most important equipment for a make-up artist. They not only help to apply make-up, but also to blend it very well and spread it in such a way that the desired effect is achieved.

PhiNesse Brush Kit contains:

  • 17 extra soft brushes made in Italy
  • foundation sponge
  • powder puff

The contents of the kit are easy to store, to ensure you always have all your make-up tools to hand, wherever your schedule takes you.

Get it now for our special price – only € 199,-.

Blending Sponge

PhiNesse Blending Sponge

Create a soft and even base for the next steps. With the professional PhiNesse Blending Sponge, application is fast and effective, as it allows you to blend foundation and concealer very well and reach all face areas easily.

Powder Puff

PhiNesse Powder Puff

A very essential part of make-up is an even foundation that makes the skin looks smooth.
The PhiNesse Powder Puff was specially developed for this purpose. Soft Japanese velvet ensures an excellent finish and flawless application of make-up to the skin.

PhiNesse Brows - To make your brows even more perfect
PhiNesse Brows - To make your brows even more perfect

Well done eyebrows give the entire face a different look!

Even without any other make-up, properly-shaped eyebrows always make you look good!

PhiNesse Eyebrow Pen 3-in-1

PhiNesse Eyebrow Pen 3-in-1

Perfectly made-up eyebrows in 3 steps!

PhiNesse Eyebrow Pen offers 3 different applications:

  • Pen to outline the shape
  • Brush to make a shading
  • Eyebrow mascara to create a natural look

The set consists of three pens with different colours: light, medium and dark brown.

PhiNesse Brow Pen

For those who prefer a natural look.

This eyebrow pen has a tip that allows to draw very precise and thin strokes. Perfect for those who want to have a natural make-up or for those who want to see what microblading would look like.

PhiNesse Brow Pen is available in three colours:

PhiNesse - For the extra splash of colour
PhiNesse - For the extra splash of colour

For a perfect, long-lasting lip makeup. PhiNesse lip pens give your lips a touch of brilliance and sensuality, avaliable in different colours.

PhiNesse Ombre Lips Pen

Create a perfect ombre lip effect with our PhiNesse Ombre Lips Pen:

  • One pen – two perfectly matching colours
  • Precise contour through the pen tip
  • Flawless colour transition

Leaves an ultra-fine film for a comfortable feeling!

PhiNesse Ombre Lips Pen is available in two colours:

PhiNesse Lips Pen

Finally long-lasting lip colour!
Phi Lips Pen is an ultra durable pen, which is ideal for drawing contours and fill in the lips with colour at the same time. Stays on for up to 12 hours!

Available in five colours:

PhiNesse Corrector Pen

PhiNesse Corrector Pen

Mascara on the eyelid, lipstick outside the lips, eyeliner already drawn for the fifth time?

No need to redo make-up anymore, just correct even the smallest mistakes quickly and precisely with the PhiNesse Corrector Pen.

Save time and focus on the important things!

PhiNesse Lashes - Because you can't go wrong with long lashes
PhiNesse Lashes - Because you can't go wrong with long lashes

Wouldn’t it be great to always have expressive eyelashes, without having to put on make-up for hours?
PhiLashes makes it possible, in a practical and pleasant way.

PhiNesse Eyelashes

Handmade, easy-to-apply lashes for every type.
Natural lashes for everyday wear, thicker lashes for a strong expression or eye-catching lashes for special occasions.
There’s something for everyone. What do you prefer?

PhiNesse Lashes Pen - Growth Serum Eyeliner

PhiNesse Lashes Pen Growth Serum Eyeliner

Long natural lashes? All you have to do is apply eyeliner! How is that possible?

The PhiNesse Lashes Pen Growth Serum Eyeliner is a 2 in 1 product – it has two tips: one for day and one for night. During the day you use the black side as an eyeliner, which emphasizes your eye makeup and also lets your eyelashes grow. At night, you use the invisible side that also promotes growth.

Isn’t that amazing? Try it for yourself!

PhiNesse Eyelash Glue

PhiNesse Eyelash Glue Black

No more white glue traces during the application of eyelashes!
PhiNesse Eyelash Glue black is a long-lasting glue in black colour for a clean look and thicker lashline.