Our PhiPed range offers you high quality tools for a perfect pedicure. Because we know: to offer a flawless treatment, you need the best products.

For your convenience we created to different sets with the most important pedicure tools:

PhiPed Starter Set & PhiPed Refill Set

Those sets will make getting supplies even easier for you. You don’t have to pick individual products, but instead you can add one preselected set to your cart.

Scroll down and discover what’s inside!

PhiPed Starter Set

This set contains every necessary pedicure tool, you need for a good pedicure. Weather you are just starting your business or need to stock up on basic supplies – the PhiPed Starter Set is perfect for you.

Set contents:

  • PhiPed Foot Cream 200ml
  • PhiPed Foot Scrub 400ml
  • PhiPed Foot File 1
  • PhiPed Cuticle Nipper
  • PhiPed Nail Cutter Small
  • PhiPed Nail Shaping File 5pcs
  • PhiPed Nail Even File 5pcs

PhiPed Refill Set

From time to time you will run out of different supplies. For that matter we created the PhiPed Refill Set. It contains every pedicure item, that you need to replace every once in a while. All those products you can now order in one easy step.

Set Contents:

  • PhiPed Foot Cream 200ml
  • PhiPed Foot Scrub 400ml
  • PhiPed Nail Even File 5pcs
  • PhiPed Nail Polishing File 5pcs
  • PhiPed Nail Shaping File 5pcs